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"Nel nome della fede" portrait series

“Nel nome della fede“ is the title given to an article about Simone, a wedding celebrant in Tokyo. My assignment for the magazine was to follow him in a typical workday, so I took pictures of him the entire day from the morning to the evening. I ordered the picture in casual order, nonchronological, to give different takes on the same day. For this assignment I decided to use black and white film on two medium format cameras, the Fuji GWIII 690, a 6x9 camera with a built-in fixed lens (80mm), and a Mamiya 7 with the 65mm.


“Chapel“ Odaiba, Tokyo. Fuji GWIII 690 on Kodak t-max 400

Morning in the little chapel of Odaiba. I liked the reflection of the soft light, coming from the windows, on the shiny floor.


“Under the bridge“ Kanagawa, Tokyo. Mamiya 7, Sekor 65mm f4.5 on Kodak T-max 400

Going home after a day out. Leaving the concrete jungle of Tokyo to walk around the Kanagawa river, clearing the mind.


Shinjuku. Metropolitan government building, last floor.
Simone wants to relax and get a coffee to plan his next day's schedule.


The view of this building is always noticeable.


“Dressing the gawn“ is the daily ritual of wedding celebrants. It is important to look impeccable.


The light through the window gave a dramatic atmosphere to the Kodak t-max 400


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The celebrators in Japan aren`t really following Christian Church official system but I guess they are requested to act the role in order to give a more authentic atmosphere to the event. I asked Simone to kiss the cross like a real priest.


“Chapel 2“ Odaiba, Tokyo. Fuji GWIII 690 on Kodak t-max 400

The last picture I took before the start of this ceremony.
The celebration rehearses the name of the couple and the main point of the event since it could change case by case.


Simone going home after the ceremony.


I asked him to show me his customised bible.