Hi there,
I'm a Product Designer
and Creative Director 
based in Tokyo.

About me

I'm Riccardo Parenti, a Product Designer based in Tokyo since 2010. 
I have more than twelve years of relevant experience in product design, interaction design, user experience design in fast-paced agile teams. Three years as a manager.

Rock-solid in creating concepts, designing, and validating user's solutions and customer journeys.

I have experience helping either Japanese companies to land their products in the international markets, as well as global companies to establish themselves competitively in the APAC market.

I'm confident to work with any global team or a full Japanese-speaking team. I do my best when pairing with both the stakeholders and engineers teams to build innovative customer-centered solutions.

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Fundbook: The M&A platform

Fundbook is a next-generation M&A matching service that revolutionizes the current M&A's market. Fundbook helps investors to find the best deals, and company owners find successors with matching corporate philosophy.
My work with them started in 2017 when the company bootstrapped a digital platform to improve the matching process between Buyers and Sellers.
Three years later the platform improved drastically the number of yearly matches that leads to a deal, increasing significantly the company goal. 

The Gear Shed review

My passion for the outdoor brought me to build this portal site to support the community of enthusiasts about Japanese outdoor gears.
I try to deliver new content, review, and trip reports every month with the website and the Instagram page. 
The end goal is to share knowledge about Japanese nature and help micro-brand and Japanese outdoor atelier to get internationally appreciated.


Panasonic Link Ray: Commuting App

Through Linkray, a Panasonic patented, advanced content delivery service that reads IDs sent from LED transmitters (such Displays, spotlights, or signboards), people transiting in Haneda Airport can access various digital contents on their smartphones, right at the arrival lobby.

With my team in Goodpatch, we did User Research inside Haneda Airport and iterated with the Panasonic team to prototype a viable digital solution to deliver commuting information at Haneda Airport's arrivals. 

Laika: A PM tool

Goodpatch is a Japanese product company in constant pursuit of creating design & products that move people's hearts. 

I joined Goodpatch to work in their Product Division with a field research assignment in the startup ecosystem to build a pm tool that could ease the management pains of development teams in Tokyo.

After several iterations, Laika was born, a pm tool to inspire agile development and support feature prioritization process.


Sensy: rebranding

Sensy provides the personal AI platform "SENSY".
They transitioned from a mono-product type of startup to a multi-product platform; their problem was to maintain the consistency of their old brand image with the new direction their business is going.
From the result of the Branding Design Sprint, we were able to redefine the overall brand image with a look&feel consistent with their perspective.


Tokyo, Mitaka
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