Hi there,
I'm a Product Designer
and Creative Director 
based in Tokyo.

About me

I'm Riccardo Parenti, a Product Designer based in Tokyo since 2010. I currently lead the Fundbook Japan product design team as CDO. 

I have more than twelve years of relevant experience in product design, interaction design, user experience design in fast-paced agile teams. Three years as a manager.


Rock-solid in creating concepts, designing, and validating user's solutions and customer journeys.
I have experience helping either Japanese companies to land their products in the international markets, as well as global companies to establish themselves competitively in the APAC market.

I'm confident to work with any global team or a full Japanese-speaking team. I do my best when pairing with both the stakeholders and engineers teams to build innovative customer-centered solutions.


Tokyo, Mitaka
Email: hello@riccardoparenti.com
Linkedin: @parentiriccardo

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